This series of paintings, currently on loan to a local art collector, represents a complete inversion of my usual creative process. 
As an illustrator I am used to producing representational images. I turn the topic over and over to arrive at a strong visual concept, playing with the composition for maximum impact, and finally working out a colour scheme to best enhance the mood. 
With these large canvases I began at the other end. Mood, colour and shapes were my starting point. I had to unlearn old habits that tried to steer me - like a dodgy wheel on an airport trolley - towards representational images. Concept came last, with the choice of title. This was an exhilarating change of pace.
Sunny Lemon Tina - 2023
Oil on Linen 160 x 190 cm (63 x 75")
There is a Silver Bullet - 2023
Oil on Linen 160 x 190 cm (63 x 75")
The Pacemaker's Daughter - 2023 
Oil on Linen 130 x 130 cm (51 x 51")
A Different Kettle of Fish - 2023
Oil on Linen 190 x 110cm (75 x 43")
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